Saturday, May 1, 2010

To Market We Go!!!!!

This morning my husband and I ventured out early to seek market goods from the city's farmer's market out in the haymarket business district in Lincoln, Nebraska. It started this morning and will continue every saturday morn till the end of october. I have been to many different farmers markets down in various locations in Kansas (my home state) but this one is the mother of them all! It stretches for 5 blocks and you will find everything to good eats and handcrafted goodness. Armed with 50 bucks in cash we set out to sample and buy as much as we can from many different vendors. I myself am more interested in arts and crafts more than the food, and I came across this one vendor called "katydidsimpleaccents" I'll spread it out for ya...katy did simple accents.
A young lady of about my age ran this vendor spot, and she sold upcycled products made out of wool and cotton fabrics, I noticed the cute wool flower brooches she had for sale, but then I came across a set of wool coasters (4 for 6 bucks) and instantly fell in love with them. There is not much to them, but I have always appreciated the craftsmanship of others, and I strive to purchase and collect as much hand made goods as I can with the time God puts me on this earth. I am a big bargain hunter myself, and for 6 bucks, I thought "What a steal!" So I scopp them up and force my hubby to fork over 6 dollars no questions asked. I don't really have a good set of coasters so now I have a set I can cherish for years to come, AND THEY ARE UPCYCLED WHICH IS WAY COOL IN MY BOOKS!!!

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